Advisory Services Aligned to Your Digital Transformation Journey


Cloud Tech & Business Advisory

Retainer focused solely on your current goals and what technologies will help you achieve them over the long term.

This first service is for those that find themselves saying "I don't know, what I don't know" when it comes to cloud software.  It is meant to provide 1:1 collaborative guidance and tactics related to successfully reviewing and adopting cloud technology in order to support your organization's most important goals.

Service Includes:


Cloud Tech Purchasing Advisory

Advisory focused on researching, negotiating contracts and purchasing cloud software solutions.

Our second service is for those that are ready to purchase (or renew) a subscription to cloud software, and want to make sure they have a sound understanding of what they are signing up for.  We have years of experience reviewing, negotiating and supporting cloud software subscriptions, and can help make sure your needs are front and center.

Service Includes:


Data Analysis Advisory

Reporting and analysis advisory which examines data related to your continued use of cloud software solutions.

Our third service helps you make sense of the data your organization has been collecting.  We'll work with you to make sure that all of the data from your various systems can be understood and used to make key decisions about your short and long term goals.

Service Includes:

Another set of eyes never hurts.