Decades of Technical Experience at Your Disposal

The Why 

GreenMerits was established on the firm belief that an organization's growth (i.e. reach, profitability, output etc.) can be bolstered through the strategic, value-focused use of information technology (aka I.T.). 

I.T. solutions can be complex and should be reviewed by professionals that intimately understand your goals AND the various types of technology available. 

The “Green” in our name represents your organization's growth. The “Merits” represents the value you will realize from your investments in I.T. when you partner with us. 

GreenMerits focuses on the value of technology

The How

Our advisors tap into decades of lived-experience to provide organizations with a value-first approach to the selection, adoption and analysis of cloud-based technologies. 

With skill-sets spanning technical support, business continuity, software development, smartphone security, and cloud software, we bring a comprehensive yet grounded perspective on the impact of technology on organizations of all types and sizes. 

Through collaborative sessions, research, and plan development we help ensure your investments in technology are solely focused on achieving the measurable objectives your organization requires. 

See and hear our perspectives.